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Hudson Premier Table Tennis Club
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League Standings and schedule
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Standings and schedule:
Clemson and NC State  - Tied  the last match of the year
NC State by points wins the November league...
Thanks to everyone for their participation.....
January Schedule:
Duke   vs. LSU                Jan, 3rd
NC State  vs. North Carolina        Jan 10th
Clemson  vs. North Carolina        Jan 17th
NC State   vs. Duke                         Jan 24th
Clemson vs. LSU                             Jan 31st
Captains please contact your people in advance.
Thank you

Duke:  Captain:  Gus Kurz                                                    Clemson: Captain:  Matt Trembly
                         Randy Rugggaard                                                                         Rick Lane
                         Egons Drumins                                                                              Steve Michochak
                         Eric Doty                                                                                       Jason Lin
Alternants:     Yatin Mirakhur                                                   Alternants:       Kyle Caldwell
                         David Hammond                                                                            Robert Snoddy
NC State: Captain:  Dennis Matecan                                     LSU: Captain:      Vernon Weingart
                               Ben Schaller                                                                           Robin Su
                               Rob Roth                                                                                 Ray Sung
                               Pete Spacagna                                                                       Szymon Dziak
Alternants:          Mr. Chen                                                     Alternants:        Michael Salone 
                                                                                                                              Ran Li
North Carolina: Captain  Sandy P                                        Tennesse Captain: 
                                      Robert Salone
                                      Sunyu Su
                                      Mike Chris
Alternants:                  Rose Sung
                                      Hongshan Li

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